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Borzelli & Berta A r c h i t e t t i


Founded in 2007 by Andrea Borzelli and Sara Berta, at that time with already nearly a decade of experience in design and yachting, their design studio is committed in imagining and realizing projects where aesthetics, innovation and functionality can live together in perfect harmony and not forgetting the artisan and industrial tradition of the Italian Design. Match and exceed our customers expectations is the purpose of our work through a constant seek for innovation and a special attention to every stage of the creative process, not forgetting the time and the budget that regulate the life of each project. 


Both graduated in architecture in Rome we have followed different paths; Sara has developed a great knowledge in lighting design and how it affects the architectural spaces and she’s a yachtswoman for passion and family tradition, while Andrea has followed an educational and professional history related to transportation design. For over 20 years, besides their professional activities, they are also involved in academic teaching related to the design in all its forms. 

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